Now YouTube Will Not Show Advertisements on YouTube Channels Having Less Than 10000 Lifetime Views

So Here is the new and shocking news for the upcoming YouTubers who is/was going to create a YouTube channel to earn money from the very first video so here is new rule for Ad-Monetization so now new YouTubers must have more than 10K lifetime views to get the Ad-Monetization approval for their channel’s videos.

So according to new rules you must have 10k lifetime views to apply for the YouTube monetization so once a creator reaches 10K total views on his channel can apply for displaying advertisements on the channel then after applying for approval,  YouTube team will review the channel and if everything looks okay to them then they will approve your request otherwise they will reject it .

YouTube has given all the information on its Blog Youtube Blog and according to YouTube “If you’re a new creator who’s just started building your channel, our YouTube Creator Academy has tips on making great original content and growing your audience to help you get to 10,000 views and beyond. Once you’ve applied for YPP, you can check your application status in the Channel tab in Creator Studio, under Monetization. We want creators of all sizes to find opportunity on YouTube, and we believe this new application process will help ensure creator revenue continues to grow and end up in the right hands. ”

However if you have any existing YouTube channel having less than 10K lifetime views then you don’t have to worry because this rule is for the new YouTubers who will apply for the Ad-Monetization from 6th April 2017.

The main reason behind this decision is may be due to the backlash that YouTube got from its advertisers who just boycotted YouTube due to displaying ads from partners against video containing racist and otherwise objectionable content.

So if you are going to apply for the AD-MONETIZATION then first get 10,000 total views on your channel and then apply and don’t forget to upload videos without any copyright issues.

Good Luck!!


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